Chiropractic and Massage

Millions of people seek chiropractic care or massage therapy to relieve or prevent pain and limited mobility. These two complementary therapies, especially in combination, form a powerful healing approach to relieve pain and increase your body's mobility and resilience. Over time, they offer a uniquely effective way to support your ongoing vitality and well-being.

Both massage and chiropractic offer preventive care to support your ongoing good health. A timely visit to your chiropractor can re-establish normal alignment and mobility before secondary soft tissue problems develop.

Regular massage can release chronically contracted muscles and fascia, improving the balance amoung muscle groups and promoting healthful circulation. Your body will be more resilient in the face of daily stresses, less prone to pain and injury.

In addition, massage triggers the body's relaxation response, interrupting a cycle of stress and muscle tension that can build in response to life's challenges. Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a massage, you are less likely to slip into patterns or tension that contribute to joint and soft tissue problems.

Because chiropractic and massage help relieve pain and improve mobility, you may sleep better and feel more energetic. You may then find it easier to stretch and exercise. This can help you maintain and even improve the flexibility, strength and balance needed to prevent misalignment, tension and injury.

Massage is also a powerful tool for becoming aware of chronic tension or postural problems that affect your body mechanics. With this knowledge, you can take preventive measures on your own before pain develops.