The Charlotte Thermography Center

I am glad you are taking this opportunity to become knowledgeable about one of the greatest preventative health tools that is available. Thermography gives us the ability to see 'early warning' signs before they become medical problems. It sees your body functioning in 'real' time and gives us the opportunity to make changes and corrections with a goal of good health. It is a wonderful tool for us to be pro-active with our own health!

Inflammation is the body's normal response when something is wrong. Thermography detects inflammation in gradations of heat patterns. Using this technology allows us to know where problems are originating and helps us to take the necessary measures to help aid the body in healing. It is 100% safe and completely radiation free. It can detect things years before other imaging devices may pick them up.

I applaud you for considering this technique to help you to become proactive concerning your health.

Our bodies are wonderfully and beautifully designed, let's keep them that way!! Here's to our best health!

Katherine Wassung
Certified Clinical Thermographer
Doctor of Natural Health