What Makes The Charlotte Thermography Center Different?

At The Charlotte Thermography Center we use the highest quality camera and software. Not all thermography equipment is created equal and we provide our patients with the most technically advanced software and equipment available in the world.

TotalVision Software -- combined with world class infrared technology, offers a presentation of dynamic high quality images, unmatched in the field of medical infrared.

Physicians Insight Clinical Interpretation -- Image interpretation is provided by board certified medical doctors who are trained to interpret thermal images through data analysis and medical experience.

Our Advantage:

Images with 307,000 pixels*
Higher resolution, higher definition
Sharper image
Comprehensive detailed reporting that provides a meaningful report to the patient and the referring doctor to support ongoing health assessment and prevention

*I encourage you as you research which facility will best serve you, be certain you have the highest pixel availability. The higher the pixels, the more detail will be shown, giving you and your practitioner vital information.