An increasing numbers of patients are presenting to our office with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. We at the Balanced Body Center consider ourselves experts on this condition and have the most complete approach available. Fibromyalgia is a medical term that simply means "muscle pain." It is a term that has been created by allopathic medicine to put a label on patients presenting with a history of symptoms with an etiology (origin) that cannot be identified by standardized medical testing.

Fibromyalgia tender points

Causes of Fibromyalgia

There is no single cause of fibromyalgia. While different patients may have similar symptoms, each individual must have an extensive evaluation to determine specifically what's causing their pain. There are often many different factors contributing to a patient's illness. Some of the factors that have been implicated as a cause for the symptoms of fibromyalgia are:

Autoimmune Disorders

There are many diseases in which a patient's immune system attacks their own tissues, causing pain and damage throughout the body. Examples of such diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and Crohn's disease. These diseases are identified by blood tests such as an RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), ANA (Anti-nuclear antibodies), Sed Rate (Sedimentation Rate), and CRP (C-Reactive Protein). Traditionally, autoimmune diseases are controlled through the use of steroids that suppress the immune system. Autoimmune disorders can cause inflammation, pain, and fatigue in the body's tissues. Many patients with fibromyalgia have a malfunction in their autoimmune system similar to that of an autoimmune disease. However, standard medical testing usually fails to identify these malfunctions. Our office uses specialized blood tests to identify the dietary sources that trigger these autoimmune reactions. This allows us to provide a natural alternative for correcting the autoimmune issue.

Upper Cervical Imbalance

The base of the brain (the brain stem) passes through an opening at the bottom of the skull called the Foramen Magnum and continues into the spinal cord. Any misalignment at this base part of the skull can put direct pressure on the brain stem and can traction the Dura Mater (a membrane that wraps around both the brain and spinal cord.) This pressure and irritation can impair function of the nervous system and exacerbate fibromyalgia symptoms. Neurosurgeons have linked this area of the spinal cord to fibromyalgia and have begun performing surgical procedures to increase the size of the Foramen Magnum in order to reduce pressure. However, this treatment is extremely risky and will often fail to correct the problem of traction and misalignment. Instead, our office uses an advanced chiropractic technique called NUCCA to specifically correct this condition. We are the only office in the Carolinas able to offer this non-rotational upper cervical technique. To learn more about NUCCA, you can visit

Heavy Metal Toxicity

As our environment continues to become more polluted, our exposure to toxic elements is increasing at an alarming rate. Elements such as mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, chloride, fluoride, and arsenic (which can be deadly in high dosages) are present in many common products we ingest. Even in smaller dosages, these elements can cause severe symptoms. In some cases, this may cause fibromyalgia symptoms or may trigger other autoimmune disorders. Our office uses both hair and urine analysis to evaluate the presence of these elements in the body. Once identified, we can utilize natural products to help eliminate these toxins from the body and begin the healing process.

Nutritional Imbalances

Lifestyle and diet have created great voids in nutrition. These deficiencies can lead to diminished health and contribute to the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Our office uses extensive blood chemistry and orthomolecular evaluation to determine each patient's nutritional needs. Once the evaluation is completed, customized targeted nutritional therapy can begin to help restore health.

Systemic Yeast

This condition is very difficult to identify and is often overlooked by traditional doctors. Many factors can cause a systematic buildup of yeast in the gastrointestinal system. Systemic yeast has been found to be a cause for many disorders, including altered gastrointestinal function, joint pain, muscle pain, mood disorders, and fatigue. Our office uses advanced organic acid testing to identify which strains of yeast are present in the body, along with each strain's vulnerabilities.

Endocrine System Failure

Many patients have small hormone irregularities that go unnoticed with standardized medical testing and evaluation. However, these small imbalances can create severe dysfunction. Our office evaluates the thyroid, adrenal glands, neurotransmitters, and male/female hormones. Once evaluated, any imbalances are treated naturally using products that stimulate and balance body function.

Amino Acid and Fatty Acid Imbalance

Proper amino acid and fatty acid levels are essential to maintaining health. Our office utilizes specialized tests to gauge these levels and their potential relationship to fibromyalgia symptoms. Once identified, customized amino acid formulas are developed for our patients.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

The mitochondria are the power houses of your cells. Chronic inflammation, infection, and gastrointestinal disorders can all damage the mitochondria. Decreased mitochondrial function can cause fatigue and other fibromyalgia symptoms. Our organic acid testing can evaluate mitochondrial dysfunction and provide useful insight into correcting this problem nutritionally.

Environmental Toxicity

While the health concerns of recent environmental changes are not fully understood, it is evident that there are many everyday chemicals that are harmful to our health. Every day, we are exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals from sources such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, packaged foods, household products, and environmental pollution. As we have become more exposed to chemical-laden products and to toxic chemicals in our food, air, and water, we have been confronted with an accelerating rate of chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, autism spectrum disorders, AD(H)D, autoimmune disorders, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. The Balanced Body Center offers the GPL-TOX test to evaluate for the presence of 172 different toxic chemicals, including organophosphate pesticides, phthalates, benzene, xylene, vinyl chloride, pyrethroid insecticides, acrylamide, perchlorate, diphenyl phosphate, ethylene oxide, acrylonitrile, and more. This profile also includes Tiglylglycine (TG), a marker for mitochondrial disorders resulting from mutations of mitochondrial DNA. These mutations can be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, infections, inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies.

Fibromyalgia Testing

Our approach starts with a thorough consultation, history, and exam. Based on these results, our office will perform the tests necessary to help identify the cause of your problem. Once all tests have been completed, our office will develop a completely natural program to begin the recovery process. Below are listed the various tests we have at our disposal to help diagnose and treat the cause of your fibromyalgia: